PVC Lesbian Fetish Nurse Anal Inspection

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Paige is the PVC lesbian fetish nurse ready to explore her tattooed ginger girlfriends anal, she starts by loosening her up, giving her breasts some sloppy kisses, sucking on her pink nipples, she progresses the examination by removing her PVC panties the lubricating her anus with spit, spitting right on her ass hole and working it inside with her fingers in black rubber gloves, Paige slides her finger in her anal entrance to loosen up her sphincter ready to take the anal forceps to gape her open so she can see deep in her butt.

Nurse Paige examines curvy, busty, tattooed, ginger hair slut, both these all natural porn starts are dressed in PVC, medical fetish costumes, Paige carries out a vaginal and rectal examination, using anal forceps to gape the patients arse hole, she spits in it and licks it back up, giving her ass a right good rimming and butt licking while her pussy is spread open.

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