Panty Sniffer Caught Red Handed in Knicker Drawer

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Paige turnah catches her little sub perve knicker sniffer red handed riffling through her panties drawer. “What are you doing”, “You want to sniff my knickers? Get in there and sniff them!” she shouts out while forcing his head in the drawer full of her underwear. Surprising after the initial shock of catching a pervert whilst in action of the offence, she realises she could probably turn the situation around and actually get some sexual satisfaction, she pulls out a pair of white frenchies, stuffs them in his mouth gagging him before popping out one of her breasts and shoves it in his full mouth. She then gets out some of her nylon stockings and allows him to put them over his penis and start masturbating inside them while she kneels down with her baps out, she begins to kiss the top his cute little cock, licking too, before remove the stocking and blowing his shaved five inch penis.

A filthy pervert with a real fetish for panties is rifling through Paige Turnah’s knicker drawer, her finds out a nice pair of pink silk panties for him to satisfy his urges with, the prospect of sniffing them, wrapping them around his cock, rubbing himself and jerking off into them is short lived when Paige walks in and catches him red handed, or should that be red faced, but little does he know that Paige is a real open-minded woman, a simple knicker sniffing fetish is no big deal to her, so instead of outing the pervert she decides to play along and satisfy his needs for kink. Paige pushes the kinksters head right into her pantie drawer so he can het a good sniff, you know to really get the full aromas of underwear, she gets out a pair and wraps them around his face, covering his nose and mouth so he has little choice but to breathe in her scents, nearly suffocating the poor little pervert. Paige knows there’s nothing more satisfying to this kid of fetish than worn underwear, she does;t have any dirty knickers lying around the place so decides to push his head deep into her crotch to sniff her aromatic piss perfumes whiles she’s still wearing them, well sure enough that does the trick and he just can’t resist but getting his tongue out to lap up and taste her panties, Paige turns round so he can get a smell and mouth full of her ass part of her worn knickers. She finishes this panty guy off buy getting out his rock solid cock, wrapping a pair of see-though lace knickers around his rock solid shaft and sucking him off through the fabric. Wow this a real dream come true for any horny girl who loves panties or knickers.

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