Paige's Butt Massage

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Paige goes for a massage, who focuses her attentions on Paige’s curvy ass, laid naked on the table, she has baby oil rubbed into her body, the top of her legs and chunky butt, easing the tightness and tensions, it isn’t long before the lesbian masseuse has her boobs out and is rubbing them on paiges bum, soon joining her on the table rubbing herself up against this hot British booty slut.

Paige Turnah goes for a massage, the masseuse starts on Paige’s back and works down towards her Arse, Paige has nothing but a towel covering her arse, if you look between her legs you can see right up her crotch. Paige says “massage my arse” so masseur Sapphire Blue removes the towel and starts to massage Paige’s arse cheeks and the inside of her legs, this soon gets Paige all horny, Sapphire goes a step further and starts working her fingers over Paige’s vagina and arse hole, she soon has her big breasts out and uses them to massage Paige arse, pulling her arse cheeks apart and gaping her arse hole Paige then returns the favour and uses her own boobs to massage Sapphires arse, before climbing on top of her and doing an arse-to-arse then a boob-to-boob massage.

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