Paige Turnah’s Big Juicy Arse in Black BMW

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Paige Turnah has just got out of a really horny photo shoot, getting her naked self out in front of everybody all over her car (black BMW) named Winston and now she’s going to get out and show you her big juicy arse… Are you ready? She bends over the side of her car wearing only a bikini, runs her hands all over the surface are of her round peach rump, her bikini bottoms are pulled tight up her arse crack, there’s people driving past as well!! “What a daring slut I am” she says. Despite the public voyeurism she continues to show off her big butt, shaking it from side to side and bouncing up and down, her entire ass wobbling is truly hypnotic for ass lovers, then she slips down her bikini bottoms, shakes her booty some more before putting one leg up, rest the knee on the window opening of her car and gyrating and wobbling her sexy thick ass trumper all over the place, grabbing her ass cheek and pull and letting go, before som light spanking.

She love her BMW (and Black Mans Willys), Paige models a shoot at the side of her sporty beamer, dressed in her vivid pink bikini that accentuates her wild curved, emphasised by the straight streamline lines of the BMW, her long legs in made even taller by her stripper heels. Paige shows why she’s one hell of a PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl), pushing her thick arse out at the camera, bending over the car bonnet and the spoiler, before slipping her bikini bottoms down slight, posing a builders bum and that chunky ass crack. Taking the weight off her feet, she sits in the drivers seat and sliders her hand i between her legs and teases her slit, gets out her little titties and gives her nipples a good tweaking and twisting.

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