Paige Turnah in Bodystocking Nylon and Candle Wax CBT

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Into CBT and the though of your cock and balls being mistreat and tortured? Watch Paige use one of her nylon stockings as a restraint, wrapping around her slaves cock and strangling his shaft before using her cat-o-nine-tails whip on his cock and balls, then it's turn for the hot wax, Paige uses a burning cancle dripping wax on his penis and scrotum, just imagine the heat and intensity and pleasure derived from the kinky pain from dominant Paige.

A truly amazing photo set, not only the theme of the content but Paige, simply put, looks absolutely stunning in her pattered bodystocking, it really hows of her peachy ass a treat. Paige uses her stockings to give her punter some CBT, she wrap the nylon around his erect cock, pulling and tugging his shaft before licking the tip of his cock, she then covers his full length in her stocking, licking and sucking him through the nylon. She then ties her stocking around his cock and scrotum and pulls tight, strangulating his cock and balls, continue by further wrapping the fabric around and up his shaft, she decided this filthy nylon fetish slave is enjoying her punishment too much so gets out her fetish candles, light one up and starts dripping the hot wax directly from the burning candle to his smooth shaved ball sack, the wax sets hard on his scrotum creating an erotic CBT scene.

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