Paige Turnah and Samantha Bentley Lesbian Animals

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Paige is sat on her drawers enjoying the vibrating stimulation from her wand massager and kissing with Samantha Bentley, “you f#@%ing tease” she says as Sam moves in to smooch her then at the last minute pulls away, you can see the raw lesbian animal attraction toward each other as they look into each others eyes and connect. It is not long before Miss Bentley is sat on the draws with her legs up in the air and spread, knickers still around her ankles getting her pussy licked out by Paige, Sam’s incredibly wet snatch gets lots of long licks from Paige’s very capable tongue, she then presses her wand vibrator up against Samantha’s pussy lips and clit on full power whilst she wriggles and moans, the stimulation is just far too much, so Paige has a tight hold of her throat while she forces her to climax for the powerful sex toy. Paige finishes off bent over the drawers, pulling her big butt cheeks apart as Samantha is on her knees kissing and licking her bisexual fanny.

Paige Turnah and her bi friend are dressed as glamour pets, in high end lingerie. Paige loves hair muff and it isn’t long before the mouses knickers are slipped to one side and her hairy slit is been played with by Paige, bending over and muff diving. Paige then has her snatch eaten, spreading her huge ass, exposing those lovely tight holes ready to be munched.

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