Paige Seduces the IT Guy

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After calling out the IT to remove any viruses from her home office PC, she can tell the repair guy is getting a little hot and horny as she's dressed in very seductive clothing, including short shirt and stockings. Not log after he's logged out of the operating system, he's decided payment in kind is a suitable payment option from a very popular adultworker and soon getting his monies-worth, starting off by licking Paige's tasty love hole, he then experiences what it;s like to be sucked by her before rubbering-up and sinking his average sided love truncheon inside her pee-pee.

Paige’s PC has a virus so has called on the professional services of the local IT/computer repair guy. When he turns up she’s sat in her home office at the desk with her legs and pussy spread, the technician doesn’t spare a second getting down on his knees and licking her pink gash before she sucks him off while fingering herself from behind, he then takes a hold of her curvy hims and slides his cock (wearing a condom) inside her, pulling her hair doggy-style.

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