Paige Loves Sniffing Other Models Worn Dirty Knickers

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Paige has a genuine panty fetish and loves to sniff other models dirty knickers. After rummaging through Holly Kiss’s dirty laundry bin she comes across a pair of her worn pink thrill french knickers, she just stands there in Holly’s bedroom inhaling her feminine pissy scents with a hand down her own panties ready to masturbate while thinking about Holly. To paige’s surprise or in all honesty should that be relief she is caught with her hand i the cookie jar (so to speak!), Holly walks in and watched Paige’s nose deep inside the crotch of her piss stained panties, as you would expect any real sex addict to do, instead of hitting the roof and going off on one at Paige she uses the dominant position to her own benefit, she starts to make out with the horny knicker inhaler, rubbing her own worn knicks on Paige’s vagina area before petting her on the bed, getting her titties out and having Paige suck on them before climbing on her face to allow Paige to experience the ultimate knicker fetish fantasy and that is to enjoy a pair of dirty work knickers while they are still been worn by the owner, Paige sniffs and licks Holly’s panty crotch as she rides her face, Paige also has Holly’s worn panties shoved down her own panties and uses them to rub her pussy.

Paige Turnah is rummaging though on of her fellow models dirty laundry bin when she comes across a worn pair of pink panties, she can’t resist bringing them up to her face and giving them a good old sniffing, inhaling those delightful aromas, a mix of piss, sweat, farts and you know just the usual smells of really well worn dirty panties, just as Paige is getting really horny sniffing out her friends frillies, guess who walks in? You got it, only the owner of the panties she’s smelling nd masturbating to. Paige is confronted by an angry model who at first thinks of Paige as just a pervert, but come on guys, it a girl not some mucky old guy, that makes everything alright, so instead of going to town on Paige, she decides to take advantage of Paige’s horniness and play along with her knicker fetish friend, Paige has the dirty panties shoved in her mouth, one can only image how tasty they are, before it develops into full on less action on the bed, Paige lick pussy, before having some herself.

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