Naughty Nurse Paige

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Naughty nurse Paige Turnah examines her patients pussy, licking her clit and sucking on her big tits, soon she has her strap-on on and is on laid on the bed been rode by her pateint, legs spread and pumped full of the big dildo which soon has her screaming with enjoyment.

Nurse Paige checks Sapphire Blue / Magan Sweets vital statistics, checking her heart rate and breathing with stethoscope, she uses it as an excuse to get her cute boobs out, soon she’s fondling her titties, a total doctor/patient violation, but Sapphire doesn’t seem to mind too muc, the stethoscope wotks it’s way down to Megan’s pussy and I’m glad to report there’s nothing wrong with that! Paige gets out one of prosthetic limbs, okay so not really, it’s a big strap on dick and that’s the physio she recommends, she slams Sapphire pussy and it seems to be working, Megan climbs on top, taking the big gold dong deep, Paige pulls Sapphire’s ass cheeks apart showing off her tasty and hairy ass hole. Don’t you just wish this sort of service was available on the NHS?

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