Lesbian Paige in the Barn

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Paige and her blonde girlfriend are back at the barn after a long day riding when they decide to have a roll about in the hay, both in tight hot pant denim shorts that accentuate their curvy arses, Paige take’s down her girlfriends shorts, sucks on her meat butt cheeks before suckling her firm boobies, then it’s Paige’s turn to expose her big round ass before laying back on a bail of hay and having her hole given a good licking out before they both enjoy some 69 oral.

Lesbians Paige Turnah and Sapphire Blue are in the barn after horse riding lessons, both wearing tight denim shorts that look like they’ve been poured into, showing of their fuller figures. Paige pulls down Sapphire’s shorts and bits her butt cheeks before getting out her boobs and licking her nipples. Paige bends over a bail of hay with her phat white arse out, knickers stuck up her ass crack, she turns around before slipping them down, Sapphire gets down on her knees and licks her pussy, spreading her legs and giving her pink gash a real good licking out. Paige then gives Sapphire’s pink pussy hole a good fingering, poking her with a couple of fingers while working her tongue on her clitoris, Sapphire climbs on top and has her butt cheeks spread, exposing both her love holes ready to be given some good oral, Paige decides to slip her thumb inside Sapphire spreading her tight and hairy arse hole which looks really tasty. The fumble ends with Paige taking some fingers, with two inside her pussy, she grans Sapphire’s arm gagging for more lesbian finger love, god she is such a greedy bi-sexual girl, always wanting more and more!

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