In Bed with Karlie Simon

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Paige is joined on her bed by her blonde girlfriend Karlie Simon, they enjoy some some lesbian kissing, before Karlie kisses, licks and sucks on Paige’s big boobs, Karlie then has her tasty ass hole given a good rimming, bent over on Paige’s bed, sticking her tongue up her tight arse hole, she then lays on her back and get’s her pussy a good licking out while she spreads her stocking clad legs before sling a couple of her finger up her tidy little milf hole.

Paige Turnah and Karlie Simon cuddle each other before enjoying some lesbian kissing, tongues and all, some real girl on girl french kissing. The action moves to the bed where Paige starts off by sucking on and licking Karlie’s nipples, they take it in turns before Karlie bends over and Paige teases her pussy with her tongue and gives her arse hole a good rimming. Paige is definitely the dominant one here, she grans Karlie’s blonde hair and pushes her pussy up against her in the doggy-style position, before putting her on her back and given her shaven pussy a proper good eating out, Paige’s big tongue laps up Karlie’s tasty pussy juice before giving her shaven slit a real good rubbing and fingering.

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